How to Record Skype Video Calls by Best Skype Recorder

The ability to record Skype video calls is very handy. If you intend on running some sort of podcast to upload to the internet, or whether you're simply trying to make an entertaining video, there are many uses of recording Skype video calls. Today we are going to take a look at two different pieces of software, ‘AllMyTube‘ and ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder‘. While they both share the same goal, they are very different pieces of software.

Both of these pieces of software have a variety of features and with a little work, can be adapted for the recording of Skype Video Calls. So, let's get an insight to them.


Before we jump into it, let's quickly discuss Skype. While there are other's out there, Skype is a unique program currently under the development of Microsoft in which is used for communication. Skype offers messaging, voice calling, and video calling all for free. There are also additional service, such as international calling and the ability to call cell phones. Because of the high quality communication which Skype is able to provide us with, it is often the first choice of those looking for a communication platform. With that in mind, that is why a lot of people choose Skype other over platforms such as Google Hangouts, where the quality barely meets Skype's.

Part 1: Using ‘AllMyTube' to Record Skype Video Calls

Wondershare AllMyTube has been one of the longest lasting pieces of Skype video recording software and allows you to download videos from over 10,000 websites, which is an incredible feature in itself. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the features that AllMyTube has to offer.


  • The program offers both audio and video recording
  • Ability to view all recordings within the program itself, through a built-in player
  • The built-in player also allows you to watch any videos that you have downloaded through the player itself
  • You are able to pause the recording at any moment and pick up where you left off when you are ready to
  • The program records in HD quality
  • You are able to have the recordings recorded in any format which you like (very handy if editing is required as certain programs may be limited to the files which they accept)
    Just like any other program, AllMyTube has its fair share of both Pros and Cons.


  • The program is very simple to use
  • The user interface of the program is user friendly
  • HD Quality recordings
  • Ability to add notes to your recordings


  • The only con with this program is that when downloading videos, your ISP may limit the download speed
Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step #1 – Download AllMyTube and install it accordingly

Download Video Downloader for Windows Download Video Downloader for Mac

Step #2 – Once the program has been installed, open it up

Step #3 – At the top left corner of the program, select the ‘Record Video' option

Step #4 – Begin a Skype video call or audio call

Step #5 – Once enough has been recorded, simply click on the ‘Stop' option

At this point, your recorded content (whether it be audio, video, or both) will be saved in the predetermined file location which can be changed at any moment.

If you are interested in getting your hands on AllMyTube, you are able to purchase it or try before you buy from here!

Download Video Downloader for Windows Download Video Downloader for Mac

Part 2: Using ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder' to Record Skype Video Calls

Skype itself doesn't offer a Skype recorder, which is why Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is perfect for the job. The Aieseesoft Screen recorder offers far more features than other recorders out there, making it perfect for building up a collection of recorded Skype memories. So, let's take a look at some of the features that this recorder has to offer.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Ability to save a screenshot of a specific video frame
  • Able to set how long you want the recording to last (stops recording automatically)
  • Simple audio settings which allow you to record either system sounds, microphone sounds, or if necessary both
  • Record gameplay and other programs, allowing you to create videos easily
  • Download YouTube videos


  • Full control of the recording specifics (e.g. which program, recording resolution, length of recording)
  • If necessary, able to include the movement of the cursor in the recording
  • Control over audio settings
  • High Quality video recordings
  • High Quality audio


  • Unable to record in a variety of formats (videos are limited to WMV format (screenshots are limited to PNG format)
Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Step #1 – Simply download the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder and install it accordingly

Download Screen Recorder for Windows

Step #2 – Once the program has been installed, open the program

Step #3 – Select the area of your screen which you'd like to have recorded


Step #4 – Adjust the audio settings to suit your preference (and settings in general)

Step #5 – Select the ‘Record' option on the program, and begin recording

Step #6 – Once you have recorded what you wished to record, simply stop the recording

Once the recording has been stopped, it will be saved in the programs default location and will be saved in WMV format. With these simple steps, you are able to obtain a suitable recording to satisfy your needs.

If the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder sounds like it is the tool to help you Record Skype, then find out more details here and enquire about purchasing the program.

Download Screen Recorder for Windows

Part 3: Comparison between ‘AllMyTube' and ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder'

Both of these programs are fantastic for when it comes to Skype recorders and they both have their fair share of pros and cons. Let's take a look at some comparisons between both programs.

Both programs offer high quality recordings on both video and audio, therefore there is no competition here. If you are simply looking for high quality and are uninterested in the other specifications of the programs, take your pick and enjoy!

The first argument when it comes to the programs, is that only the ‘Aiseesoft Screen Recorder‘ is optimized for recording gameplay therefore if gameplay is what you are looking into, that is the right choice. While using AllMyTube would also be a viable option, the quality and smoothness of the recordings may not be as optimal as you are hoping for them to be.

The second argument, would be the smaller details which each program offers. For example:

  • AllMyTube has a neater user interface than the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder
  • AllMyTube is more user friendly than the Aiseesoft Screen Recorder
  • Both programs offer a free trial period in order for you to decide whether or not you would like to go forward with purchasing the full program

While we are able to sit back and argue that one program is better than the other, it depends purely on the needs you are looking to fulfil with the program and what features you are searching for in a program. Something that a lot of people tend to look towards when they cannot decide between programs is the user interface design. If you cannot decide between the technical specifications, then this might be something for you to do!