Videojug Video Downloader: Download Videos on Videojug in A Click

Are you eager to download videos that you take an interest in and long to own in a quick and easy way? How about downloading in a click? Is it an unrealistic dream? No, of course not. Now, with the help of a professional Videojug Video DownloaderAllMyTube, you are allowed to free download any videos that you are interested in on in an efficient way. Moreover, it enables you to transfer videos to large quantities of universal video formats, such as AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, WMV and so on; you are able to save them on your computer as well. Well, then here come the concrete steps for your reference:

Step by step to Free Download Videojug Videos for you

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Step 1: Search the Videojug videos you want to download

First, in order to operate smoothly, you need to open through an efficient browser, like IE, Firefox, Chrome browser, or even Safari browser if it is convenient for you;

Then, you should find the videos for following downloading in the channels you are fond of; Finally, you can play the URL after opening it.

Step 2: Free download Videojug videos in a click

First, you will find a floating downloading button on the top right corner of the playing window;

download videojug video

Then, in order to complete the downloading of this Videojug video, you can either Click on the button or click “Paste URL” in the primary window after copying the URL. Both of them are ok, it is all up to you.


Step 3: Watch downloaded Videojug videos

First, you should pay attention to a pop up notice that will be shown in the screen after you finish the downloading of the Videojug videos;

Second, you will see a full view of Videojug videos will be presented by clicking the “Downloaded” tab;

Finally, for getting a full screen, you are required to double click the video thumbnail to get the imbedded video player, which is a pop up playing window.


Step 4: Convert downloaded Videojug videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod

At present, with the help of AllMyTube, it is completely likely to play the downloaded Videojug files on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xbox, PSP, HTC smart phone. That's fairly convenient and easy. Don't doubt about it. The specific procedures are as follows:

First, you need to look at the video bar to find the “Convert” button;
Then, please click on the button, and the drop-down window contains a lot of universal video formats and configured device, will be opened;
Finally, you are able to carry out the conversion when you finish choosing something you like.

That's all about the instruction. Isn't it simple and handy? Come on, try it right away!

Remark: useful Tips for downloading Videojug videos

To meet the users' demands, the one click “Download then Convert” mode is added to AllMyTube which can achieve conversion easily in a short time. So what you need to do is to turn the tab on and set the format you choose; then the rest part including downloading & conversion will be done by the new added mode automatically.

Download Video Downloader for Windows Download Video Downloader for Mac